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Erding Stadtpark

I’m intentional about creating new memories this year with my family. I noticed we had the tendency to do the same things over the weekend which were usually going to the English garden, meeting up with friends in a beer garden or park walks near us. I have been itching to explore Bavaria and so I decided to take it upon myself to plan our weekends. Leaving it to my Husband will just default to status quo.

The first place we visited after my wise decision is the Erding Stadtpark. It was a 30minutes drive for us and on arrival, I was glad we decided to make the trip. We parked the car to charge at a spot close to the park and had a pleasant fifteen minutes walk to the park. I felt like the walk transported us into the right feels for the park.

The play area was well designed with climbing options, a slider and small huts for hangout. We spent some time here and had a mini picnic before heading to the animal enclosure. The enclosure was small but gave a mini zoo effect. Goat petting is possible but this wasn’t allowed when we visited due to a new baby goat. Close to the animal enclosure was another play area with a small water play area and we ended up spending most of our time here. Our Son enjoyed the water play and we were able to set up, sittervise and enjoy the day. After one hour of water play, we were all tired and headed back home. On our walk out, we noticed a lot of people heading to the park so it appears it gets crowded late afternoon.

It was an overall great day that cost us nothing as we ended up picnicking on the small stash we had with us. There was one con which was restaurant closures around the park as our initial plan was to have lunch in one of the restaurants near by. Our timing was off as the restaurants were closed by the time we were ready. My recommendation is to have pack some food with you to avoid any surprise.

If you are looking to get out of Munich, I recommend visiting Erding Stadpark. You can get there on the S-bahn S2 or drive there. Let me know if you do visit and share what you like about it. I do intend to go back soon.

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