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    Want a Day Vacation? Visit BergTierPark Blindham

    Perfect for any day The combination of a park and animals is always relaxing to me We visited the park twice last year but I didn’t get into it. The first time was very hot and the second time I consider it overcrowded so those experiences didn’t work for me. My child was also younger and I unconsciously decided I won’t be going back. Fast forward to last weekend and there we were. My Child’s friend and Parents invited us for a day out with them there and I couldn’t say No to that. The experience with this visit was different as the park wasn’t crowded so the kids could…

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    Erding Stadtpark

    I’m intentional about creating new memories this year with my family. I noticed we had the tendency to do the same things over the weekend which were usually going to the English garden, meeting up with friends in a beer garden or park walks near us. I have been itching to explore Bavaria and so I decided to take it upon myself to plan our weekends. Leaving it to my Husband will just default to status quo. The first place we visited after my wise decision is the Erding Stadtpark. It was a 30minutes drive for us and on arrival, I was glad we decided to make the trip. We…