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Want a Day Vacation? Visit BergTierPark Blindham

Perfect for any day

The combination of a park and animals is always relaxing to me

We visited the park twice last year but I didn’t get into it. The first time was very hot and the second time I consider it overcrowded so those experiences didn’t work for me. My child was also younger and I unconsciously decided I won’t be going back.

Fast forward to last weekend and there we were. My Child’s friend and Parents invited us for a day out with them there and I couldn’t say No to that.

The experience with this visit was different as the park wasn’t crowded so the kids could safely play everywhere. It was slightly hot but we had enough shaded areas available until we went for the park walk. The park walk is pleasant as it’s mostly under shaded trees providing coolness and along the way you do see the animals in the park. Most of them are shy and stay some distance away but some are curious enough to come close for a feed. The kids were excited to spot the animals and attempted to feed them directly which didn’t happen except with the goats near the entrance.

We took our time with the walk and spent some time at the Rauber Burg where we had a picnic and the kids did not tire from exploring the Burg. The Burg is designed for kids as the entrance into it is via a narrow tunnel. I did not attempt to go in, I was fine with peeping over the fence to semi supervise.

We spent some time appreciating the birds in their enclosure and walked on to another play area and ended with cautiously touching the horses. After the long walk, we made our way back to the main kids play area and spent some time there. The bouncer was a non stop hit. Leaving was hectic as the kids didn’t want to leave but they were tired and off we go.

Total time spent was five hours and on our walk to the exit, we all agreed this felt like a needed vacation day.

The pros of BergTierPark Blindham is the expanse of space, multiple play options for kids, animals to appreciate and the relaxed feeling you get from being there. The cons are you need to have cash with you to pay for entry and snacks, there is no proper restaurant so you need to have food with you and you can’t predict how crowded it will be. I do think August is a good time to visit as a lot of families are on vacation. I will also expect week days to be good for a visit if you have no school age kids.

Overall, I recommend a day trip to BergTierPark Blindham but remember to have cash with you and pack some food.

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