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Aggressive is Aggressive

I was in a mentoring circle session last week and our mentor made a statement that I found profound. I paraphrase it below:

“There is nothing like micro aggression or passive aggression. You are aggressive, point blank. You are an adult and know the impact of your action. You expressing your aggression a certain way does not make you not or less aggressive”

I reflected on this deeply for myself and on ways I consciously hurt others with how I phrase my words or my actions knowing I’m being aggressive but giving myself an escape route to raise my hands in denial.

My takeout was for me mostly to do better, to let go of ingrained passive aggressive behaviour and mini micro aggressions I’ve adopted since I moved to Europe.

In words and in deeds, it really does not take a lot to be kind and your body will feel better for it as you have no negativity. For those who know me in real life, feel free to call me out when I get passive or micro aggressive with you.

Cheers to doing better and do get a mentor that will add new value to your life.

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